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Where it all began!

The beginning of Visayab immigration company

Visayab immigration company was established in 2008 by Dr. Sirous Ahmadi, an official immigration lawyer with code “0854826” in “Mara” organization in Australia.
Dr. Sirous Ahmadi, with the cooperation of official lawyers and his team of professional and caring experts, has been able to register more than 3000 successful cases in 15 years of providing immigration services. You can see a small selection of the cases on the successful cases page

Some important points about Visayab immigration company


Visayab Immigration Services Company is a private company and does not belong to the Ministry of Immigration of any country.


Visayab company is only your guide in the process of obtaining a visa and is not a visa issuer.


Issuance of visas is solely under the authority and legal scope of the “Ministry of Immigration Affairs of Destination Countries”.


Please keep in mind that the final decision to issue any visa rests with the Ministry of Immigration Affairs of the destination country.


All the information on this website is only to inform you about visas in general, and you should not apply for a visa solely by relying on the information contained in this website.


Visayab Immigration Services Company recommends that you contact one of the offices and branches of this company to receive additional information about your case.

What services do we provide?

Visayab provides services to immigration applicants from Iran and other countries to countries all over the world, such as Australia, America, Canada, Europe (Schengen area), England (UK), and the United Arab Emirates.
Visayab Immigration Institute was formed to serve and resolve your immigration doubts and is always trying to be a reliable companion for all immigration applicants abroad with the help and cooperation of our experienced immigration experts and lawyers in Australia.
We are with you every step of the way.

What is the process of Visayab services for our clients?

At first, you can register your request for expert advice through the contact numbers on the contact page or by completing the evaluation form. It should be noted that the consultations are completely free and do not involve any costs.

After that, the relevant expert will communicate with you either by phone or in person as required and pre-arranged. This consultation allows for unlimited time, ensuring all your immigration inquiries are comprehensively addressed.

If, after the consultation, you have a defect in the documents in your file, you may request a follow up process where your case will undergo a re-evaluation, potentially resulting in a contractual agreement if you find the resolution satisfactory.

It is worth noting that if you request consultation for a specific type of visa and a specific country, but you are not eligible for that immigration method and destination, at your own discretion, your case will be reviewed by other experts and lawyers to find the best way.

What kind of admissions and visas does Visayab have the ability to obtain?

Work Visa
Startup visa
Job offer visa
Investment visa
Skill visa
Express Entry Visa
Study visa
Talent Visa
Partner visa
Marriage visa
Parents visa
Tourist visa
Ausbildung visa
Financial capability visa
Emirates company registration

What licenses and registrations does Visayab have?


  • Registered information of Visayab’s official agents in the Mara organization
  • Official license for Visayab international job search activity

Dr. Sirous Ahmadi and the experts at Visayab Immigration Institute have been successful in registering over 5,000 cases for obtaining visas to various countries, such as Australia, Canada, America, Europe and East Asia in their 14 years of operation.

For specialized advice, call the institute's contact number or complete their evaluation form.