Experience a New World of Possibilities
with European Immigration.

Immigrating to the Schengen region in Europe can mean the opportunity for a new life and the chance to explore a whole new world of possibilities. The 25 countries that make up the Schengen region in Europe share an open border policy that allows for free movement of goods, services and individuals. This means that visa rules and regulations for entry can be quite flexible, making it easier for those wishing to relocate from other countries. From educational opportunities to incredible job prospects, the Schengen region has something to offer for everyone. With a vibrant culture, stunning landscapes and world-renowned cities, Europeans have the unique chance to experience all that the region has to offer. Whether you are looking to start a new business, reunite with family or explore new horizons, immigrating to the Schengen region in Europe can open the door to a new life of opportunity.

What are the advantages of immigrating to Europe?


Significant reduction in the cost and time of obtaining visas and entry and exit permits to member countries

Fixed and common visa procedures between the member countries and as a result the ease of obtaining information and obtaining a visa


Varied and lucrative job opportunities

The possibility of studying in top European universities


Benefiting from economic and business opportunities and banking services in member countries


Receive free medical services


Benefiting from citizenship rights and residence privileges in the Schengen area


Strong support for immigrants by member states of the Union

European Investment and Finance

Work Migration to Europe

Obtaining a European Study Visa

European Family and Marriage Visa

European Tourist Visa

Dr. Sirous Ahmadi and the experts at Visayab Immigration Institute have been successful in registering over 5,000 cases for obtaining visas to various countries, such as Australia, Canada, America, Europe and East Asia in their 14 years of operation.

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