US Work Visa

The easiest way to immigrate to the United States

The easiest way to immigrate to the United States without the requirement to provide a language certificate and educational qualification, with only two years of work experience and intermediate level language knowledge, is with the EB3 American visa. One of the most important benefits of the EB3 USA visa is receiving a green card as soon as the visa is granted, and you, as an applicant, can immigrate to America with your spouse and children at the same time.

What is the US EB3 visa?

The EB3 visa is the third option among the work immigration visas of the United States, which allows applicants to obtain an American green card and permanent residence in this country. This visa is divided into three groups:

Skilled workforce

Who is the skilled workforce?

There are employees whose profession requires at least 2 years of training or work experience that is not temporary or seasonal. These people must meet the educational, training and experience requirements for the job positions. Relevant academic qualifications may be considered professional training.

Professional workforce

Who is the Professional workforce?

Individuals who need at least a US bachelor’s degree or equivalent in their home country to qualify for related jobs.

Unskilled labor

Who are unskilled labor and people working in other fields?

Non-professional workforce that needs less than two years of training and work experience that is not temporary or seasonal. This type of visa is the same as EB3 visa.

The United States Immigration and Naturalization Service has a specific definition for each of these three groups.

What are the conditions of the easiest way to immigrate to America or EB3 visa?

It is evident that initially your work assignment may not align with your specific specialisation, however, by relying on the experience of our colleagues in America who are responsible for providing human resources for many commercial centers, successful integration into the initially offered position, along with adherence to conditions, salaries and benefits for a minimum of one year will result in an invitation to continued employment. Following this, your acquisition for a green card will be facilitated where you will be placed according to the period of your contract with an employer, and you will be provided with the eventual opportunity to choose your preferred state of work and field of expertise. 


What are the requirements to be invited to work by American employers?

The desired conditions have been set both from the point of view of the immigration department for accepting new citizens and also according to the needs of the employer, which are as follows:

English language level at least intermediate or intermediate and relative mastery of conversation

As we mentioned, there is no requirement to provide a language certificate, but you must be able to converse in English.

Age condition

The most ideal age for obtaining an EB3 visa is between 22 and 40 years old. If you are above this age range, getting a job offer and green card will be a bit more challenging.

Physical health

Sometimes there are exceptions depending on the physical fitness of the applicants.

Having a good personality with work ethic

Currently, “Active cases with the US Labor Department and the National Visa Center” in the US’s Visayab employment center  have about 300 applicants and are active in more than 12 different companies approved by the US Immigration Department in states such as California, Virginia, and Florida, Illinois, Nebraska, Louisiana, Georgia, Texas etc.

Some important points regarding obtaining an EB3 visa for the United States

While financial investment is a common avenue for immigration wordwide, the unique feature of this visa is the commitment of time. This entails working in the desired state for a minimum of one year in the proposed job position. Upon completion of the initial year, should you decide to not continue your employment, your contract with the employer will be terminated. As you obtained your green card initially and are a recognised citizen of the United States, you are then at the liberty to  pursue your preferred and specialised employment, in any state or region of your choice. 
The list of employment opportunities undergoes continuous updates. For the latest information on job opportunities, prospective applicants are encouraged to contact Visayab experts.
It is worth noting that Visayab immigration company, from among the list of American work visas, only provides consulting services regarding obtaining job opportunities from reputable American employers and obtaining EB3 visas, or unskilled labor visas.

What are the steps for obtaining an EB3 US visa?

  1. At Visayab immigration company, upon receiving the required documents and submission to our legal team, we communicate with the prospective employers of the contracting party in the United States. Following the employers evaluation, which, includes a review of a video clip and online interview with the applicant, an official job offer is extended upon acceptance. 
  2. Then the process of obtaining a license from the US Department of Labor (DOL organization) begins, and the employer must succeed in obtaining labor certification from the US Department of Labor during a process of 7 to 10 months.
  3. After that, we complete the form (I-140) and send it to the Ministry of Internal Security, which takes about 2-3 months. 
  4. Then we register the applicant’s file at the US Immigration Office. U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS).
  5. The certificate or work permit is prepared at this time, and after that, the applicant must pay an amount for premium processing.
  6. Once the Immigration Department accepts the applicants’ visa application, it will send its confirmation to the National Visa Center (NVC).
  7. The National Visa Center confirms the applicant’s eligibility to obtain a visa, and the applicant’s file is sent to the American Embassy in one of the neighboring countries for an interview.
  8. After that, the applicant and their family must go to one of the medical centers for a medical examination. Following the medical examination, the applicant must go to the American Embassy for an interview (it is also possible to conduct an interview online).
  9. After the interview, the green card certificate will be registered on the passport and this card will be sent to you after your departure to America.

How long does it take to get an EB3 US visa?

The entire EB3 visa process can last up to 18 months. The duration of this period may vary according to the responsiveness of the immigration office as the examination of all family members must records is essential in the candidates selection as an American citizen. It is important to note this period of time may differ for applicants from various countries, with some experiencing processing periods of only a few months.  


*Simultaneously, the conditions and costs related to each visa may always be subject to changes by the Immigration Department. Be sure to contact Visayab consultants for the latest updates.

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