Work visas and
occupational specialization

Work and professional visas are one of the best ways to immigrate to developed countries in the world, and through this visa, the applicant can receive special privileges from the government of the destination country. Note that there are different conditions and laws for hiring skilled and specialized personnel in different countries.

There are usually two types of work visas


Skill Visa – Job Seeker

▪ In the Skill visa, the applicant must first check the list of available and required jobs in the destination country and, if he has the conditions, complete the documents and obtain the visa.

▪ After obtaining a visa, a person must look for work during the validity period of the visa, that is, if the person is qualified and skilled, they must look for work only after obtaining the visa, and naturally have the financial ability to support their living expenses before employment.

▪ Searching for a job for experts and experienced people is not considered a challenging task, and advanced countries with many opportunities can always be a suitable platform for the advancement of professionals.


Job offer visa

▪ In this case, the applicant is selected by a company, body, organization, etc., and the request for labor is announced from the employer, and if the applicant is eligible, a job offer visa is granted.

▪ For a job offer visa, the employer must have a valid and tax-active business and prove why he needs the applicant, and also the specialized field of business must be completely related to the applicant’s career.

▪ Comparing these two types of visa with each other, it can be said that obtaining a skill visa is much easier and less troublesome than a job offer visa.

In general, for work migration, a person can apply for a “job in the destination country” if he has mastered that “profession and expertise” in his own country and can provide work experience.
If the educational and professional qualification of the person to perform the desired job is confirmed and accepted by the government and the international employer, the applicant can apply for a work visa.
According to the laws of different countries, work visas can be divided into two categories: temporary residence and permanent residence, and work visas with temporary residence can also be converted to permanent residence if the applicant is eligible.

The general requirements and documents that applicants must submit to register a work visa application are as follows:

  1. Having the age conditions
  2. Identity documents
  3. Academic records
  4. Work records and insurance

In most work visas, the applicant can get accompanying visas for his family (wife and children) who are also allowed to work or study.

Visayab immigration company is active in the field of obtaining admission and work visas for the following countries:


Skill, Skill and Technical, Job Offer


Express Entry, Job Offer


EB3 visa

United Kingdom

Skilled worker visa

Most European countries

Skill, job offer, medical staff
(Schengen type D visa)


Medical staff

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